Conegliano Valdobbiadene– a sense of place!

Join me on virtual trip to Conegliano Valdobbiadene with Consorzio Tutela Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Since the turn of the Millennium, Prosecco has soared to the top of the charts with wine drinkers worldwide as Prosecco to many has become the synonym of partying, especially outdoor during summer. Sip your Prosecco poolside from your flûte,Fortsæt læsning “Conegliano Valdobbiadene– a sense of place!”

Dansk Vinskue 2021 – Celebrating Danish Wine

Every year in September the Danish Wine Award Show, ‘Dansk Vinskue’, is organised by ‘Foreningen Dansk Vin’ (FDV). This is the chance for Danish wine producers to show their wines to both colleagues, judges and a broader audience. Members of FDV submit their wines made from grapes or fruit (fruit wines are judged in aFortsæt læsning “Dansk Vinskue 2021 – Celebrating Danish Wine”

Abruzzo – an authentic and forgotten Italy

To many winelovers – even Italians – Abruzzo remains one of Italy’s best kept secrets. What a shame that is because Abruzzo has a rich culinary heritage to draw upon and beautiful wines come out of this region so beautifully tucked in between the Appennines with the Maiella and Gran Sasso National Parks and theFortsæt læsning “Abruzzo – an authentic and forgotten Italy”

Greece – From the cradle of European wine

If I say Greek wine, what do you say? You might reply “Retsina…” shaking your head in disbelief. Unfortunately! And so unfair. Unfair to both Retsina and Greek wine as a whole. Greek wine is so much more than Retsina and modern times Retsina is so much more and so much better than the horrificFortsæt læsning “Greece – From the cradle of European wine”

Sauska Winery won Interwine Awards 2021 – the best Hungarian wine producers’ websites named

The internet – more specifically company websites – is becoming an increasingly important part of successfully promoting and selling your wines. More than one year after the outburst of the COVID-19 pandemic this is even more so than ever. With the hospitality sector and even entire countries still more or less locked down, producers needFortsæt læsning “Sauska Winery won Interwine Awards 2021 – the best Hungarian wine producers’ websites named”

Hungary – a New Old World or a New New World

Not many countries in the world come with a history of winemaking to match that of Hungary, yet Hungary remains such a well kept secret to many a wine drinker, even to this very day. Back in the 18th century Hungary used to be the world’s third biggest wine producer with roughly 570,000 hectare underFortsæt læsning “Hungary – a New Old World or a New New World”

From Tokaj to Villány – Hungarian wine anno 2020 in just four days(!)

How often has Hungary not been named a future top destination for wine tours. Forget about the future. The future is now!These days, Hungary is such a great destination for wine and food, and statement was fully confirmed during a quick ‘tour de force’ through Hungary last August. Budapest-Tokaj-Villany-Budapest in only four days! It sortFortsæt læsning “From Tokaj to Villány – Hungarian wine anno 2020 in just four days(!)”

The many faces of Roussillon

Fast backwards to 1816: The Bishop of Perpignan and civil engineer Raymond Etienne Amiel are gambling. The Bishop, perhaps short of money, decides to bet one of his properties, known as Domaine de Goudous. Luck isn’t on his side, his property changes hand, becoming the acquisition of the engineer.Such colourful was the start of MasFortsæt læsning “The many faces of Roussillon”

The world-famous Aszú and the International award winning wines of Hungary

The world-famous Aszú and the International award winning wines of Hungary Hungary is a truly classic wine country with wine production dating back many centuries and whose wines have been highly appreciated throughout Europe over the medieval, renaissance and to the present time. Since the end of the communist era Hungary has done a splendidFortsæt læsning “The world-famous Aszú and the International award winning wines of Hungary”