The 12th edition of Balkans International Wine Competition to take place in mysterious Transylvania in June 2023

The 12th edition of The Balkans International Wine Competition will take place between June 1nd and 3th in Bistrita-Nasaud, Transylvania, Romania under the Auspices of Bistrita-Nasaud county and the open-air Balkan Wine Festival will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria between 15th and 17th June 2023.

“The Balkan International Wine Competition is the best proof of how dynamic the Balkan wine scene is and how great the quality of the wines from the region actually is. This great Competition is growing for the last decade along with the development of winemaking and the potential is still huge. Over the past years, it has become a rule that wines that are first recognized at the BIWC later receive recognition from much larger world competitions and become iconic. The reason for this lies in the dedicated work of the entire BIWC team led by Galina Niforou, as well as in the careful selection of experienced and well-respected international wine judges from all over the world. It is a real honor to lead such a competition. This year, BIWC is going to Romania for the first time, which I’m sure will bring a new quality to the Competition.”, says BIWC Chairman, Igor Lukovic from Serbia.

Following up on the huge success in last year’s competition held in the historical island of Salamina, Greece, BIWC continues the rotation of the venue with Romania hosting the 12th edition. The aim of this rotation of the most prestigious Wine Competition for the Balkan Wines is better integration of the wineries from all Balkan countries and to further aid their exposure in the region and across Europe and elsewhere in the world.

“It is so exciting for us for us to have the possibility to carry out the 12th edition of BIWC in mysterious Transylvania! We are continuing with lots of optimism and energy to make Balkan Wines even more recognisable and to position them in more places in the world wine map. The chairmanship of Igor Lukovic brought to the BIWC new fresh ideas and activities and the whole team is grateful for that.
Good luck to all the wineries participating in the Balkans International Wine Competition 2023!”,
says Galina Niforou, BIWCF Managing Director.

The main mission of BIWCF is to promote the Balkan wines and the wine culture around the world. The Honorary chairman of the Competition, Konstantinos Lazarakis MW is the first holder of the title of Master of Wine in Greece and he Balkans.

The best wine in the Balkans will be chosen by a prestigious jury including several Masters of Wine and well-known wine personalities from all over the world and from across the Balkans. Following the competition, an exhibition will be organized on the 4th of June in the yard of Complexul Muzeal Bistria-Nasaud, to which business representatives, sommeliers, distributors and wine lovers from Romania and abroad are invited.

Jointly, the Balkans rank 4th in Europe in terms of production and The Balkans International Wine Competition is the competition and the event that brings together the world’s wine elite to see, drink and discover the richness and diversity of the Balkan wines.

The judging as well as this year’s Award Ceremony and the Gala Dinner, the “Balkan Wine Oscars”, which will celebrate this year’s winners on the 3rd of June, will take place in the breathtaking Teleki Castle in Posmus, built in 1634.

The Grand Trophy for the “Best Wine in the Balkans 2022” was awarded to Tikves Winery, North Macedonia for Bela Voda White 2021.

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