Le Mondial des Vins Blancs Strasbourg to take place in April

Le Mondial des Vins Blancs Strasbourg is the only global competition dedicated to the diversity of white wines and it is celebrating its silver anniversary this year.

The competition was born as Riesling du Monde in Strasbourg in 1998 and ever since, for 25 years by now, Le Mondial des Vins Blancs Strasbourg has been recognizing the great white wines from around the world.
The 2023 edition is will take place on April 15th -16th at the Congress Centre Strasbourg in France.

Honouring world class whites

Le Mondial des Vins Blancs Strasbourg is organized under the patronage of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) and is also a member of the World Federation of Major International Wine and Spirits (VinoFed).

The contest covers white wines from 12 categories:

  1. Chardonnay
  2. Chenin
  3. Gewürztraminer
  4. Muscat
  5. Pinot Blanc
  6. Pinot Gris
  7. Riesling
  8. Sauvignon
  9. Sylvaner
  10. Viognier
  11. Other white grape varieties
  12. White blends
Photo: Mondial des Vins Blancs Strasbourg/Nicolas Rosès

In line with OIV rules, no more than 30% medals are to be awarded in each category and in 2022 the competition received over 600 entries from across the world and 180 medals were awarded.
For the 2023 competition three favourites are to be recognized: “Indigenous grape variety”, “First entry” and “White wine with maceration”.

Le Mondial des Vins Blancs Strasbourg awards the prestigious awards Le Grand Prix du Jury and Le Trophée VINOFED and Furthermore, in each of the 12 categories the best dry white is recognized and in 2022 the Le Grand Prix du Jury was awarded to Ostrozovic from Slovakia (www.ostrozovic.sk) and Le Trophée VINOFED went to Davinus from the Czech Republic (www.davinus.cz)

Registrations for entries for this year’s competition are open until 16th of March with much more info to be found at www.mondial-vins-blancs.com/inscription/

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